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         Take your organizations photos to the next level with our custom designed sports photos. Each template is created with beautiful background graphics complete with your organization name, your logo or sponsors logos, team name and player name. The added bonus of your organization logo creates unlimited free marketing as your players share their photos on social media and pass out their trading cards.   

             Our game day photography shoot also insures all players are included in the team photo. All players are photographed individually and then added into the team photos as you see here. No more sad left out kids or bad mom guilt if they are running a little late. Our platform allows them to pop in and still make it before the whistle blows. Plus this photography day flow is COVID friendly and allows more than 6 feet of individual mask free smile space. With packages starting at just $25 everyone can afford these professionally hand designed photos of their all-star.

QT Photography is your GO-TO sports photographer in Las Vegas.

For more information or to schedule your game day photos call today.



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